I am going to let you in on a little know secret. It will show you how to establish/rebuild credit fast and easy. The secret is the TruPlatinum merchant card!

I know…you are thinking – Who is TruPlatinum? -&- What is a merchant card?

But listen to me, this is powerful tool that most credit seekers don’t know about. We all know if we don’t have a high enough credit score it can potentially cost us hundreds or even thousands of dollars extra per year. But the old story is…how do I get good credit if no one is willing to give me chance. That is where TruPlatinum comes in.

A merchant card is a credit card you can use to purchase particular merchants’ products. Merchant cards typically have high limits, low interest rates and are much easier to qualify for. But here is the secret – these cards appear on the credit report just as any Visa or MasterCard would. The trick however, is to find a merchant card that reports to a major credit bureau. Well guess what – TruPlatinum does!

Many credit card companies make pre-approved credit card offers based on you currently having an open credit card in good standings. So once this card hits your bureau other VISA & M/C offers will come pouring in.

The TruPlatinum credit card is a financial solutions provider. This is an unsecured credit card with limits between $2,000 and $10,000 dollars. The card has a 4.9% APR and it gets reported to a major credit bureau. But here is the best part of their program. They do not run your credit report to issue the card! They just have a short application and questionnaire. Basically if you have lived in your residence for 3+ months, have an income and you are serious about your credit then you qualify. The income can be child support, disability, social security or you can even be a cash employee. These guys are great…unlike other companies they aren’t prejudice on how you make your money.

The TruPlatinum spending limit provides the greatest credit opportunity for first time credit seekers and previously bad credit customers. The unsecured high limits they offer is like putting your credit on steroids.

TruPlatinum cardholders can enjoy discounts on various popular consumer items ranging from electronics to clothing. Upon activation of your card, you may begin charging purchases immediately form their catalog or website (

This is powerful tool and you need to use it to your benefit. To get additional information just call them at (888) 853-2690.

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